Nick Hayes

The Book of Trespass


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A meditation on the fraught and complex relationship between land, politics and
power, this is England through the eyes of a trespasser.
The vast majority of our country is entirely unknown to us because we are banned from
setting foot on it. By law of trespass, we are excluded from 92 per cent of the land and 97
per cent of its waterways, blocked by walls whose legitimacy is rarely questioned. But
behind them lies a story of enclosure, exploitation and dispossession of public rights
whose effects last to this day.
The Book of Trespass takes us on a journey over the walls of England, into the
thousands of square miles of rivers, woodland, lakes and meadows that are blocked
from public access. By trespassing the land of the media magnates, Lords, politicians
and private corporations that own England, Nick Hayes argues that the root of social
inequality is the uneven distribution of land.
Weaving together the stories of poachers, vagabonds, gypsies, witches, hippies, ravers,
ramblers, migrants and protestors, and charting acts of civil disobedience that
challenge orthodox power at its heart, The Book of Trespass will transform the way you
see England.

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August 2020



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